Donate to Albany Thrives Together


Sincere thanks to our sponsors and donors for matching a recent fundraising challenge! We will always try to spend wisely to improve the lives of the people we reach with our programs, and your donations make it possible.

Albany Thrives Together and our predecessor, DHWG, have always been all-volunteer. 100% of your donation will fund the food we distribute, our Shower Project, our Laundry Project, direct aid or our minimal administrative expenses.
As of December 30th 2022 we can’t claim 501c3 status until we get some unfortunate complications resolved. We still need money to continue our operations. Please send donations by check to:
Albany Thrives Together
1507 Visalia Ave.
Albany, CA 94707


Our overhead costs are minimal – a Zoom account, hosting this site, printer ink and paper… Nevertheless, we are currently spending almost $1k monthly on our programs and could easily spend more. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please keep us in mind if your group, religious institution or fraternal organization has a grant program. We can also provide speakers to explain more about our programs and our unique interface with our unhoused and housing-insecure community members.