Albany Tenants Union

Housing Is a Human Right!

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We the undersigned support a rent control ordinance that would:

  1. Place an annual cap, based on inflation, on how much landlords can raise rents. This cap would be based upon 65% of the Consumer Price Index for metropolitan areas. This is how rent increases in Berkely and San Francisco are determined. For reference, the allowed rent increases in Berkeley for the last five years were as follows:
  2. Establish “just cause” eviction protections to prevent arbitrary evictions. Without “just cause”, a tenant who does not have a signed lease can be given a 30-day notice of eviction at any time. “Just Cause” would keep seniors and families in their homes, and put protections in place for renters who are evicted due to no fault of their own.
  3. Go into effect no more than three months from date of passage.